Views Demystified, in Drupal 8!

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Pacific Ballroom C

Drupal 8 finally brings one of the most powerful contributed modules into core: Views.

If you are new to Drupal, this session is definitely for you. Views is the key to taking your Drupal site beyond what you get out of the box, and if you are comfortable with Views, what you can do with your site is almost limitless.

We will cover:

  • Customizing existing views, such as the content and user lists, the home (front) page, term pages, and more
  • Creating different types of displays with your views
  • Properly formatting your views
  • Contextualizing content on your site with contextual filters
  • How (views) relationships work and why they are really cool
  • Building complex filters for selecting content, including and/or operators
  • Exposing filters on your views in order to give your user a sense of control over what display
  • And your questions!

I have presented this session a number of times before, and 1 hour is rarely enough time to get through everything, so we will move at a good pace and hit the essentials. If you have specific topics you'd love to see covered, feel free to use the comment section below so that I can make sure to include them in the session.

Everything discussed in this session will be relatively applicable to Drupal 7, as well.

Site Building
90 minutes
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