Sassy Drupal: Styling Drupal from CSS to Sass

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Doheny Beach A

Sass is a powerful language that extends CSS. It is the most widely used CSS preprocessor. It has features like variables, nested rules, mixins, math operations, and more, in a CSS-compatible syntax. Because of this, many of today's popular websites, applications, and frameworks are built using Sass.

So let's dive in and check it out!

We’ll also learn Compass, a Sass-based framework made up of helpful, ready-to-use tools and best practices for Sass. Compass makes our front-end workflow more efficient by helping us write CSS smarter, cleaner and faster. We'll learn how to install Compass, and how to create and configure our first project. Throughout the session, we'll learn all about Compass' tools for implementing CSS3 features, page layout and styling text.

In this session we'll learn:
1. How to convert a simple web project over from CSS to Sass.
2. Sass concepts like variables, nested rules, mixins, functions, etc.
3. Understand how Compass helps us improve workflow with its basic features.
4. Implementing CSS3 features, page layout, and all the styling that Sass has to offer.

This course aims to help you improve your front-end workflow by teaching you how to fit Sass into it. Come check it out!

Code and Development
One hour