Responsive Design with Flexbox

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Doheny Beach B

Just when you thought you had all things figured out about Responsive Design, a new technique manages to sneak in and changes your workflow to make things even more awesome.
Flexbox is a promising CSS3 technique for creating advanced and flexible (no pun intended), layouts which react to their surroundings by allowing flex items to grow or shrink to avoid content overflow. Unlike traditional float layouts, Flexbox is more powerful and makes even the most complicated layout design tasks extremely easy.

At the recent DrupalCon Los Angeles, I did a session on how Flexbox works and how you can start taking advantage of it now, this time however, I will focus on how to actually create a responsive layout using Flexbox while providing fall back capabilities for those browsers that still don't play along with Flexbox.

Come join us and learn what the big hype is all about.

Code and Development
One hour