Kalabox For Local Development (and Beyond!)

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at http://drupalcampla.com.
Moss Cove B

Why should you and your team be on Kalabox? To save time and development headaches spinning up new team members or switching out resources. Quit worrying about buggy development environments that fail you during deployment. Code faster than ever before and use our new ecosystem of apps and plugins to easily add tooling or set up certain kinds of apps. Or write your own! And of course the product is Free, Open Source and works on Linux, MacOSX and WINDOWS.

Kalabox 2 sits inbetween tools like Vagrant and Docker. You can provision infrastructure easily with containers but also write plugins to integrate with external services like Pantheon or to add in additional tooling like Drush or Grunt. All of this can be done on the Kalabox CLI or with the Kalabox UI which provides a nice separation between DevOps people and other developers.

This session will be focused primarily on developers looking to get their teams up and running using the new version of Kalabox. It will also be for people who want to finally end their bad relationship with MAMP. Specifically we will seek to:

  • Demo running some apps with different kinds of tools or plugins
  • The Kalabox CLI
  • The Kalabox UI
  • Building your own apps
  • Buidling your own plugins
  • Moving your existing tools out of things like MAMP or Vagrant into Kalabox2
  • Solving local dev and reaching DevOps zen
Code and Development
One hour