How to audit Drupal Sites for performance, content and best practices

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Ever wanted to know if a Drupal site is configured correctly, secure and uses best development practices? Want to integrate those tests into your continuous integration setup? What about providing Drupal audits as a professional service?

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Join Jon Peck, author of Site Audit as we discuss what static analysis is and why we should analyze sites, then explore how to use dozens of industry recognized Drupal and code analysis tools on both Drupal 7 and 8 sites.

Tools we'll discuss and explore include:

  • Site Audit is a Drupal static site analysis platform that generates reports with actionable best practice recommendations, and is used to power Launch Check on Pantheon.
  • Security Review Security Review automates testing for many of the easy-to-make mistakes that render your site insecure.
  • Coder checks your Drupal code against coding standards and other best practices.
  • Cache Audit, which provides a report about Views, Panels, Drupal's caching, and more

By collaborating on and using standardized analysis tools, developers can save time and overhead and focus on delivering value.

Jon is a Senior Engineer at Four Kitchens and a author with 13 courses on development. He’s spoken at Drupal Con Los Angeles, many Drupal Camps about performance, site auditing and deployments. He’s the author of multiple Drupal utilities, including site_audit, generate_errors, feeds_import_io, and a co-author of the first version of Terminus.

Performance and Scalability
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