Drupal beginner training part 5

Note: this is an archived site. The current site can be found at http://drupalcampla.com.
Pacific Ballroom C

This is part FIVE of a hands-on single-day 6 part series of sessions for beginners. Bring your LAPTOP.

Requirements for all sessions:

  • LAPTOP or tablet with a physical keyboard (typing on screen is difficult with some of the admin screens)
  • A working email address. Users will be creating a FREE hosting account on Acquia's cloud

The goal of these sessions is to help you get a live Drupal site setup and give you all the basics needed to start building Drupal sites.
During each hour we will introduce you to a new major topic and then step through an individual tasks that should take no longer than 5 minutes per task to complete. At the end of each hour we will have 10 minutes for Bio-breaks and Q/A.

The hourly topic items are as follows:

  • Hour 1 - Introduction and "Install-fest" - This will be an introduction to how websites/CMS's work and why Drupal is so widely adopted. In the second half hour we will step through setting up your first Drupal site on Acquia Cloud.
  • Hour 2 - Modules, What are they? how do they work? This is where you learn how to install and enable Drupal modules (w00t!)
  • Hour 3 - Basic building “blocks” - Here we will explore one of Drupal's Fundamental components for organizing content to be displayed
  • Hour 4 - Basic building blocks cont. - In this hour we will learn what a content type is in Drupal, and how you can modify and create your own content types.
  • Hour 5 - Users and Roles - We will cover managing users, user roles and the permissions associated with them
  • Hour 6 - Taxonomy and Views - This will be a demonstration on what Taxonomies are and how they can be used to "Filter" content based on the use of the Views Module

Rick and myself look forward to helping introduce the next wave of Drupal newbies into the community!

See you at Camp!

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