Decoupling Drupal: Is there really a module for that?

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Pacific Ballroom C

At every Drupal community gathering, you can absolutely count on at least one lunatic raving about decoupled, or "headless" Drupal. But is anybody out there actually trying this stuff?

Metal Toad has been working with decoupled Drupal for three years, on a variety of projects with a variety of scopes and stakeholders. We've tried community-contributed modules, rolled our own, and gone hybrid. We've hatched hair-brained schemes. We've launched killer projects. We've sworn off Drupal. We've come running back to Drupal.

There is no single solution to the challenges that decoupling Drupal presents, but the work is a ton of fun, and the payoff can be spectacular.

In this session, we'll:

  • Take a look at the current landscape for decoupled Drupal architecture
  • Examine a few case studies of decoupled projects out in the wild
  • Discuss pain points in launched projects
  • Make outrageous claims about the future of decoupled Drupal
  • Rave with fellow lunatics
Code and Development
One hour
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