Changing Site Colors and Fonts Without Committing Code

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Moss Cove B

In this session we will present our strategy of making small changes to a site’s theme without committing code using the Flexible Colors and Font Your Face modules.

We have a number of similar clients that each have sites set up with the same codebase. We offer a package that includes minor theme changes for free as part of the site build. Instead of having to create a custom theme for the individual sites to make minor color and font changes in, we came up with a workflow that allows us to quickly and easily change fonts and colors for individual sites without committing code.

This practice reduces the maintenance time needed for individual sites as well as reduces the amount of code we have to monitor in our repositories.

If you have a similar set up—many sites that share a common theme, but need slightly different looks—come check out our session! Or just learn about a new technique you can use in the future!

Site Building
One hour