Building your first Drupal 8 theme

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Doheny Beach A

So you've been working with Drupal 7 for a while or maybe just getting started. You've played around with customizing a contrib theme so it looks and behaves the way you want to. Perhaps you've created a sub-theme out of the many great base themes, and you feel pretty good about that. But what about Drupal 8? you want to be able to build your own custom theme in D8. If you are looking for an introduction to building your very first Drupal 8 theme this is the session for you.

We will discuss step by step how theming has changed in D8 compared to D7. We will create a theme from scratch while using some of the latest technologies and techniques such as Sass, Modernizr, mobile first and responsive design. In addition, we will create custom regions for our theme and customize some twig templates to ensure we define the right markup and layout. This is an introduction session but basic CSS/Sass knowledge is helpful.

Design and User Experience
One hour
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