Introduction to Drupal Site Building

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Pacific Ballroom C

Hey Campers! New to Drupal? If you answer no to more than one of these questions, this session is for you.

Please note that this session will be on Sunday because I will be assisting with Drupal Beginner Training on Saturday, which is an all day session ( Most if not all of these topics will be covered on Saturday but this can either be a review, allow you to catch something you missed, or maybe we can dive a little deeper into one of the topics.

Do you know the difference between contributed and core modules? Do you know how to install and configure a contributed module?

Do you know what a content type is? Do you know how to create a content type?

User roles and permissions, this one is self explanatory but do you know how to set user permissions in Drupal? More importantly, did you know that you can create multiple user roles and set very granular permissions for those roles?

I intend to cover these items and more if time allows. The initial time allotment is going to be one hour but can be extended if desired by attendees. Other topic suggestions will be considered, please leave them as a comment.

About me:
I consider myself a Drupal "non-professional." With that said I've been working with a highly customized Drupal 7 implementation 40 hours a week for the last two years and have been to every meetup, camp, and conference I could manage. I've trained over 50 users at my organization (higher ed).

Site Building
One hour